Our story

For more than a decade, we’ve been leaders in finding solutions for sustainable futures.

At Ahikā, we believe there’s always a way to achieve positive outcomes for people and the planet.

We work with communities, iwi, businesses, councils, and non-profit organisations across Aotearoa. Together, we develop innovative solutions that implement positive impact for our clients and their communities.

Our talented team work across the sustainability spectrum, providing holistic solutions to meet your needs.  We are experts in carbon reduction and offsets, bioenergy, waste minimisation, biodiversity, restoration, integrated land use, and community development.

Our mission is to catalyse ideas and create solutions for sustainable futures.

We work alongside communities to help them enhance their place. Together, we bring vision and leadership to every stage of the projects we work on.

Our values


We lead the change for a sustainable future, by supporting innovation and embracing new ideas, approaches, policy and technology to effect positive change for people and the planet.

Respect for Mana Whenua

We strive to work with the knowledge of Te Ao Māori by ensuring that Tikanga Māori is embedded in our work, and act on the knowledge of the interconnectedness of all living and non-living things.


We work within communities for community good, led by communities, and actively contributing to the wellbeing and resilience of communities.


We bring optimism to our work, and deliver a positive contribution to sustainable development.

Interconnected approach

We take a ki uta ki tai approach to the development of sustainable solutions, including understanding and managing the interconnected resources and ecosystems from the mountains to the sea.


We collaborate with others, partnering and working with other organisations and individuals that share our values. We ensure that holistic thinking is embedded in the work that is completed.