Next generation key to future of whenua

Here at Ahikā, Ray Mohan is leading a multi-stakeholder project team developing case studies of two Māori Land Trusts with the aim of identifying a pathway to engage a new generation of kaitiaki to protect historically and culturally significant sites.

You can read more about this exciting work in the latest copy of New Ground, a showcase of innovative ideas tested on-farm by rural professional fund projects.

Work so far has identified barriers for shareholders visiting the whenua.

Ahikā Consulting is now working with both komiti to develop a second survey that will engage with current and future shareholders to hear their perspectives on the proposed land-use opportunities for each block.

Three outputs are planned for the project – a template for wider use by Māori land trusts, a tailored work plan for each komiti, and capturing stories from the current members and active

“We want everyone to have the opportunity to share their perspectives on what future-proofing looks like, and to make sure that we’re capturing the viewpoint of the entire group,” Ray says.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with Ray Mohan.

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