Niki Bould PhD



Dr Bould is an expert in sustainability, which basically means she can help others to understand what a low carbon economy or a resilient community means for them.  Importantly, she can assist in turning these concepts into action at any level.  

 As an optimist, she sees the best in humanity and believes in our collective ability to turn this ship around.  As a designer, she believes in the power of critical, reflective and creative thinking, in the value of making connections, working collaboratively and understanding consequences of decisions made to drive the level of change needed.  As an educator, she knows there are tools and techniques to help make these changes.  

Ultimately, Niki believes that having a sense of care, whether as a community member or as a decision-maker in business or in government, is a value that leads to the kind of decision-making we need to see.  Change has to come from the top as well as from the ground up.  

Niki loves to walk on our spectacular beaches and she loves her electric bike, which has made her hilly commute to work that much more achievable.


(03) 477 9242 or 021 254 8928