Niki Bould PhD



Niki is a consultant in sustainable education and business and a researcher in many elements of sustainability.  Sustainability is a complex term and means many things to many people; Niki is passionate about assisting others understand issues associated with our changing world and how it can enhance their business.

Niki gained her PhD titled "Design within Sustainability" in 2012.  A key focus of her research has been understanding the obstacles and opportunities for educators and businesses to incorporate more sustainable practices.   She is familiar with pertinent issues in New Zealand, specifically concerning food, energy, waste and water.  She has given numerous lectures and run workshops on issues of sustainability and how to integrate understanding and approaches into a wide variety of sectors, including education, not-for-profit, tourism, hospitality, healthcare and industry.  She has a good deal of experience in consultation, community engagement and data analysis.

She is a strong advocate for sustainability and an energetic citizen of New Zealand and has lived in Dunedin since 2002.  In addition to her advocacy work with sustainability, she was an elected member of the Chalmers Community Board in Dunedin from 2007-2010.  More recently she has just been the Dunedin North Candidate for the Green Party for the 2017 General Election.  In her time off, Niki loves exploring New Zealand bush and beaches, as well as cycling around the beautiful city of Dunedin.


(03) 477 9242 or 021 254 8928