Inner City Residential Recycling

Project Management & Implementation
Completed 2017
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Ahika works towards assisting at any level with all things sustainable.  Waste just happens to be one of our favourite topics.

Dunedin has had kerbside recycling since 2009.  However, residential properties within the CBD area, that range from being stand-alone houses, apartment buildings to multi-tenanted residential/ commercial properties, are located on upper floors of buildings with little or no off street service area available for the collection of waste and recycling.

Based on a survey the Dunedin City Council (DCC) conducted in the CBD area and direct feedback from residential customers, a neighbourhood recycling drop-off facility has been developed.  Many residents indicated that they would be willing to walk up to two blocks to a drop off point.  Two areas are being targeted for a 12 month pilot programme.  The pilot recycling facilities will be located south of the Octagon, one under the Cumberland St over bridge at Jetty and Vogel Streets (see photo below) and the other on Moray Place opposite the bottom of View St (see photo backdrop).

Vogel St residential recycling facility was completed at the end of July 2017.

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