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Ahika Consulting Limited is a Limited Liability Company formed in 2011.  It is the collaboration of two successful Dunedin businesses, Forest Environments Limited and Transitionz Group Limited, both of which were formed in 2007.

Ahika is a Māori word relating to sustaining the fire and keeping the home fires burning.  For us, it means sustaining and enhancing our place and our communities.

Ahika can also be described as a wero or challenge, as burning a large fire alerted opponents to your whereabouts.   Not afraid of a challenge, we are social entrepreneurs that are driven by a dedication to enhancing the environment and promoting sustainability on behalf of our clients and our community.  Our company ethos is evident by the commitment and principles of our team.  Our approach will consider issues through a sustainability lens, seeking a big picture perspective that takes account of social, political, economic and environmental considerations.  We look forward to providing clients with effective solutions and a long-term business relationship.


Rhys Millar



Rhys Millar, Director, is an Environmental Consultant with over 18 years of experience.  He is passionate about working with landowners, local authorities and other organisations to create working landscapes that function to their utmost and are able to deliver a wide array of environmental, economic and social benefits.  Rhys also keeps an eye on the overall business strategy and management for Ahika.

Rhys has a Bachelor of Forestry Science, and is a Member of the NZ Institute of Forestry.  He is currently completing a Masters in Development Studies (Geography), which is concerned with the understanding and analysis of processes which change people’s lives. This formal training reflects the integrated social, economic and environmental tenets which underpin his work.

Firmly connected to the land, Rhys has developed an ecologically diverse forestry block in the Marlborough Sounds, has integrated an ecological restoration project within a headland property on the Otago Peninsula and is currently balancing the pastoral requirements of his small sheep and beef farm near Purakaunui with enhancing his QEII native bush blocks.  Rhys and his family get out into New Zealand’s amazing conservation parks whenever they can.  Rhys is a Trustee of the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group and through Ahika project manages all of the projects for the Landscape Connections Trust.


(03) 477 9242 or 027 3877 866

Lloyd Circle 02.png

Lloyd McGinty



Ko Hikurangi te maunga
Ko Waiapu te awa
Ko Ngati Porou te iwi
Ko Te Whanau a Tuwhakairiora/Te Aotaki te hapu
Ko Lloyd McGinty ahau

Lloyd, Director and Energy Consultant, trained as a plumber/gasfitter with over 15 years experience. Lloyd attended the University of Otago - graduating with a science degree in Energy Studies in 2006. His plumbing skills compliment his professional qualifications and provide an additional insight into practical processes and building services. Lloyd is in charge of the finances at Ahika, ensuring our vessel is robust in all weathers.

Lloyd has been heavily involved in all aspects of energy management including feasibility assessments for energy efficiency projects, site metering for large industrial processes and developing intensity benchmarks and plant audits.

Lloyd is also very involved in the Otago and Southland wood biomass sector and has been involved in a large number of wood feasibility projects for energy plant. Most recently, Lloyd has returned from Europe after visiting large biomass district heating and co-generation plant. This has light the fire ( the ahika) to ensure Dunedin follows and learns closely from the Europeans and applying this locally.

Lloyd is an accredited energy auditor with the Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ). Lloyd is also a board member of Tainui Primary School

In his free time Lloyd enjoys surfing the myriad of waves around Otago, hanging out and learning Te Reo Maori with his whanau, and dabbling in DIY.

(03) 742 1093 or 021 202 2172

Sally circle 01.png

Sally Dicey



Sally has over 10 years of experience as an environmental planner.  While she has a broad base of experience in this field, water use and water quality in Otago have been a consistent focus of her work.
Sally is highly skilled in the preparation of resource consent applications and environmental effects assessments as well as policy development and advice.  Major projects she has worked on include community water schemes, community wastewater upgrades, integrated catchment management projects, and the development of a second generation district plan.    
She particularly enjoys working with communities and individuals to assist them in using their resources in a wise and sustainable manner.
Sally graduated from Otago in 1997 with an Honours degree in Law before returning to complete her Masters of Planning in 2004.
Sally juggles work with the demands of mothering four primary school aged children. When she gets a moment of spare time she enjoys trying to wrangle a garden out of her family’s coastal property, walking the family dog, surfing and catching up with friends. Sally is the Chairperson of Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare Trust.


(03) 477 9242


Niki Bould PhD



Niki is a consultant in sustainable education and business and a researcher in many elements of sustainability.  Sustainability is a complex term and means many things to many people; Niki is passionate about assisting others understand issues associated with our changing world and how it can enhance their business.

Niki gained her PhD titled "Design within Sustainability" in 2012.  A key focus of her research has been understanding the obstacles and opportunities for educators and businesses to incorporate more sustainable practices.   She is familiar with pertinent issues in New Zealand, specifically concerning waste minimisation and food systems.  She has given numerous lectures and run workshops on a wide variety of issues currently facing New Zealand and how to integrate understanding and approaches into many different sectors, including education, not-for-profit, tourism, hospitality, healthcare and industry.  She has a good deal of experience in research and data analysis, and community consultation and engagement. She is a great workshop facilitator, she can build beautiful websites and she has become very experienced in the new NES-PF (National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry).

She is a strong advocate for sustainability and an energetic citizen of New Zealand and has lived in Dunedin since 2002.  In addition to her advocacy work with sustainability, she was an elected member of the Chalmers Community Board in Dunedin from 2007-2010.  More recently she was the Dunedin North Candidate for the Green Party for the 2017 General Election.  In her time off, Niki loves exploring New Zealand bush and beaches, as well as cycling around the beautiful city of Dunedin.


(03) 477 9242 or 021 254 8928

Mike circle 01.png

 Mike Thorsen PhD

Mike Thorsen is one of New Zealand’s leading experts in managing biodiversity, botany and ecology with over 20 years’ experience in ecology, conservation biology and the management of invasive species worldwide. Mike enjoys assisting a diversity of groups to realise their biodiversity ambitions using his wide-ranging experience and enjoys the challenges of working in the interface between the conservation and use of natural resources with the aim of producing good outcomes that are both environmentally sound and pragmatic. A developing interest is in using human-generated landforms as surrogates for native flora and fauna communities.

Mike also runs a small nursery specialising in growing endangered plants (despite the challenges of a young daughter who loves to pull out labels and watering everything in sight) and is a keen photographer (see some photos here). Mike was an instigator behind the Endangered Species Foundation of NZ which is raising $30 million to support the conservation of NZ’s rarest plants and animals and is their Principal Science Advisor. Mike holds a PhD from the University of Otago (2010).

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Pronounced eeefa


Aoife is our office dog. 

When she is not busy in the office providing cuddles and general cuteness, she can be found snoozing in the sun or under the heater. In her spare time she enjoys chasing rabbits.